Date Artist Venue City Country Country
17/09 The Growlers 17/09 The Growlers Songbirds North Chattanooga US Chattanooga, US
18/09 The Growlers 18/09 The Growlers Vinyl Music Hall Mobile US Mobile, US
19/09 Resina 19/09 Resina Unknown venue Kenilworth UK Kenilworth, UK
19/09 The Growlers 19/09 The Growlers Crowbar Tampa US Tampa, US
20/09 The Growlers 20/09 The Growlers Culture Room Fort Lauderdale US Fort Lauderdale, US
21/09 Jing 21/09 Jing Unknown venue Berlin Germany Berlin, Germany
21/09 Steve Bicknell 21/09 Steve Bicknell Unknown venue Berlin Germany Berlin, Germany
21/09 The Growlers 21/09 The Growlers The Plaza Live Orlando US Orlando, US
21/09 The Twilight Sad 21/09 The Twilight Sad Music Hall Aberdeen UK Aberdeen, UK
25/09 The Growlers 25/09 The Growlers Orange Peel Knoxville US Knoxville, US
26/09 The Growlers 26/09 The Growlers The Burl Lexington US Lexington, US
27/09 The Growlers 27/09 The Growlers Turner Hall Ballroom Milwaukee US Milwaukee, US
28/09 Shida Shahabi 28/09 Shida Shahabi Unknown venue Ventspils Latvia Ventspils, Latvia
28/09 The Growlers 28/09 The Growlers First Avenue Twin Cities US Twin Cities, US
01/10 The Growlers 01/10 The Growlers Ace of Spades Sacramento US Sacramento, US
02/10 The Growlers 02/10 The Growlers Tba Santa Rosa US Santa Rosa, US
03/10 Jing 03/10 Jing Unknown venue Berlin Germany Berlin, Germany
03/10 MNNQNS 03/10 MNNQNS LA MAROQUINERIE Paris France Paris, France
03/10 The Growlers 03/10 The Growlers McMenamin's Crystal Ballroom Portland US Portland, US
04/10 The Growlers 04/10 The Growlers McDonald Theatre Salem US Salem, US
05/10 The Growlers 05/10 The Growlers The Showbox Seattle US Seattle, US
06/10 Shida Shahabi 06/10 Shida Shahabi 30CC Leuven Belgium Leuven, Belgium
06/10 The Growlers 06/10 The Growlers The Showbox Seattle US Seattle, US
10/10 MNNQNS 10/10 MNNQNS La Soufflerie - La Barakason Nantes France Nantes, France
11/10 MNNQNS 11/10 MNNQNS Espace Michel Berger (EMB) Paris France Paris, France
12/10 MNNQNS 12/10 MNNQNS Le Plan Paris France Paris, France
12/10 Steve Bicknell 12/10 Steve Bicknell Unknown venue Maebashi Japan Maebashi, Japan
16/10 The Twilight Sad 16/10 The Twilight Sad Button Factory Dublin Ireland Dublin, Ireland
17/10 MNNQNS 17/10 MNNQNS The Grace, London London UK London, UK
18/10 MNNQNS 18/10 MNNQNS Latest Musicbar Brighton UK Brighton, UK
19/10 Jing 19/10 Jing Ndsm Amsterdam Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
19/10 MNNQNS 19/10 MNNQNS Muthers Studio Birmingham UK Birmingham, UK
20/10 MNNQNS 20/10 MNNQNS Yes Manchester UK Manchester, UK
21/10 The Twilight Sad 21/10 The Twilight Sad Northumbria University Student Union Newcastle Upon Tyne UK Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
22/10 The Twilight Sad 22/10 The Twilight Sad Brudenell Social Club Leeds UK Leeds, UK
23/10 MNNQNS 23/10 MNNQNS BOTANIQUE Brussels Belgium Brussels, Belgium
24/10 Honeyblood 24/10 Honeyblood Queen Margaret Union (QMU) Glasgow UK Glasgow, UK
24/10 The Twilight Sad 24/10 The Twilight Sad Petit Bain Paris France Paris, France
25/10 Honeyblood 25/10 Honeyblood Castle & Falcon Birmingham UK Birmingham, UK
25/10 MNNQNS 25/10 MNNQNS La Rodia Besançon France Besançon, France
25/10 The Twilight Sad 25/10 The Twilight Sad TRIX Antwerp Belgium Antwerp, Belgium
25/10 The Twilight Sad 25/10 The Twilight Sad Paradiso Amsterdam Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
26/10 MNNQNS 26/10 MNNQNS LE BIKINI Toulouse France Toulouse, France
26/10 The Twilight Sad 26/10 The Twilight Sad London Calling Festival Amsterdam Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
28/10 Honeyblood 28/10 Honeyblood Rescue Rooms Nottingham UK Nottingham, UK
29/10 Honeyblood 29/10 Honeyblood Thekla Bristol UK Bristol, UK
29/10 The Twilight Sad 29/10 The Twilight Sad La Cripta - Convent Garden San Sebastián Spain San Sebastián, Spain
30/10 Honeyblood 30/10 Honeyblood Concorde 2 Brighton UK Brighton, UK
30/10 The Twilight Sad 30/10 The Twilight Sad Sala Cool Madrid Spain Madrid, Spain
31/10 Honeyblood 31/10 Honeyblood The Garage London UK London, UK
31/10 MNNQNS 31/10 MNNQNS LO BOLEGASON Castres France Castres, France
31/10 The Growlers 31/10 The Growlers Hollywood Palladium Los Angeles US Los Angeles, US
31/10 The Twilight Sad 31/10 The Twilight Sad La Nau Barcelona Spain Barcelona, Spain
01/11 Honeyblood 01/11 Honeyblood Manchester Academy 3 Manchester UK Manchester, UK
01/11 MNNQNS 01/11 MNNQNS PAUL B. - MASSY Paris France Paris, France
01/11 The Growlers 01/11 The Growlers Hollywood Palladium Los Angeles US Los Angeles, US
02/11 Honeyblood 02/11 Honeyblood Brudenell Social Club Leeds UK Leeds, UK
02/11 MNNQNS 02/11 MNNQNS Le Noumatrouff Mulhouse France Mulhouse, France
02/11 The Growlers 02/11 The Growlers Hollywood Palladium Los Angeles US Los Angeles, US
02/11 The Twilight Sad 02/11 The Twilight Sad Serraglio Milan Italy Milan, Italy
03/11 Steve Bicknell 03/11 Steve Bicknell Unknown venue Berlin Germany Berlin, Germany
03/11 The Twilight Sad 03/11 The Twilight Sad Bogen F Zürich Switzerland Zürich, Switzerland
05/11 The Twilight Sad 05/11 The Twilight Sad Porgy & Bess Vienna Austria Vienna, Austria
07/11 The Twilight Sad 07/11 The Twilight Sad Hydrozagadka Warsaw Poland Warsaw, Poland
08/11 The Twilight Sad 08/11 The Twilight Sad Gretchen Berlin Germany Berlin, Germany
10/11 The Twilight Sad 10/11 The Twilight Sad Slaktkyrkan Stockholm Sweden Stockholm, Sweden
11/11 The Twilight Sad 11/11 The Twilight Sad Vulkan Arena Oslo Norway Oslo, Norway
12/11 Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch 12/11 Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch Le Centquatre-Paris (104) Paris France Paris, France
13/11 The Twilight Sad 13/11 The Twilight Sad Vega Copenhagen Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark
14/11 MNNQNS 14/11 MNNQNS Le Romandie Lausanne Switzerland Lausanne, Switzerland
15/11 MNNQNS 15/11 MNNQNS Ninkasi Gerland Lyon France Lyon, France
15/11 The Twilight Sad 15/11 The Twilight Sad Mojo Club Hamburg Germany Hamburg, Germany
16/11 MNNQNS 16/11 MNNQNS Le Brise Glace Annecy France Annecy, France
16/11 The Twilight Sad 16/11 The Twilight Sad Club Volta Cologne Germany Cologne, Germany
17/11 The Twilight Sad 17/11 The Twilight Sad Zoom Frankfurt Germany Frankfurt, Germany
21/11 Shida Shahabi 21/11 Shida Shahabi Nachtasyl Hamburg Germany Hamburg, Germany
22/11 MNNQNS 22/11 MNNQNS Théâtre d'Arras Arras France Arras, France
23/11 The Twilight Sad 23/11 The Twilight Sad O2 Forum Kentish Town London UK London, UK
24/11 The Twilight Sad 24/11 The Twilight Sad O2 Ritz Manchester Manchester UK Manchester, UK
30/11 The Twilight Sad 30/11 The Twilight Sad Usher Hall Edinburgh UK Edinburgh, UK
01/12 Steve Bicknell 01/12 Steve Bicknell Unknown venue Berlin Germany Berlin, Germany
06/12 Steve Bicknell 06/12 Steve Bicknell Unknown venue London UK London, UK
18/12 MNNQNS 18/12 MNNQNS Espace Gérard Philipe Paris France Paris, France
05/02 The Growlers 05/02 The Growlers Große Freiheit 36 Hamburg Germany Hamburg, Germany
06/02 The Growlers 06/02 The Growlers Reithalle Dresden Germany Dresden, Germany
07/02 The Growlers 07/02 The Growlers Astra Kulturhaus Berlin Germany Berlin, Germany
08/02 Steve Bicknell 08/02 Steve Bicknell Unknown venue Milan Italy Milan, Italy
08/02 The Growlers 08/02 The Growlers Live Music Hall Cologne Germany Cologne, Germany
10/02 The Growlers 10/02 The Growlers Muffathalle Munich Germany Munich, Germany
11/02 The Growlers 11/02 The Growlers Kaufleuten Zürich Switzerland Zürich, Switzerland
12/02 The Growlers 12/02 The Growlers Circolo Arci Magnolia Milan Italy Milan, Italy
13/02 The Growlers 13/02 The Growlers LES DOCKS Lausanne Switzerland Lausanne, Switzerland
15/02 The Growlers 15/02 The Growlers Gibson Frankfurt Germany Frankfurt, Germany
16/02 The Growlers 16/02 The Growlers LE TRIANON Paris France Paris, France
17/02 The Growlers 17/02 The Growlers Het Depot Leuven Belgium Leuven, Belgium
18/02 The Growlers 18/02 The Growlers TivoliVredenburg Utrecht Netherlands Utrecht, Netherlands
19/02 The Growlers 19/02 The Growlers L'Aéronef Lille France Lille, France
21/02 The Growlers 21/02 The Growlers Roundhouse London UK London, UK
22/02 The Growlers 22/02 The Growlers Albert Hall Manchester UK Manchester, UK
23/02 The Growlers 23/02 The Growlers SWG3 Glasgow UK Glasgow, UK
25/02 The Growlers 25/02 The Growlers Button Factory Dublin Ireland Dublin, Ireland
28/02 Steve Bicknell 28/02 Steve Bicknell Unknown venue Manchester UK Manchester, UK
08/05 Ian William Craig 08/05 Ian William Craig Cité de la Musique Paris France Paris, France
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